OSRS Annual Survey: 2020

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I want to thank you. There has been more than 10,000 of you to respond to this so far. I want to address to. Firstly, a little bit of context into this survey is something and how it came about. We (as an Old School staff and merchandise ) want to know more about what you think about Old School RS Gold game, what you would like, (more importantly) what you do not want, how you'd prefer to hear news, and then some topical matters like polling and graphical alterations. We then worked together with the Research and Strategy staff to construct the survey.

There for. In hindsight, I believe we should be explaining why we are requesting it. We ask for a telephone number so we can talk to you directly (it'll undoubtedly be somebody from Jagex), and it won't ever be passed onto anyone else. Some people clearly are not comfortable providing that, so that I don't see why we should not be requesting a Discord contact instead. I think when we are requesting a contact email that the exact same could apply. There appear to be issues with the image questions, especially on mobile. We ought to do better to check on multiple devices. Apologies there.

Regarding the same question, I think we should have clarified what we had been hoping to learn. It appears a lot of folks were expecting something as straightforward as"do you mind a toggle-able HD update?". Perhaps we ought to ask that question too, but for us it's all about identifying what you believe that should look like, as well as helping to see if you believe newer content (such as Prif) feels Old School or not. There was some discrepancy in the way we dictate replies but about the right for others. Apologies again, that should not occur.

We're not attempting to lead you with queries in any way in any way. Individuals are mentioning about us attempting to induce a new ability in - answering that you are opposed to a new ability is the best way to make sure that we do not spend some time designing and polling things like Warding. People mention the poll questions. We're requesting that controversy and since in light of this polling talks, the very ideal way to determine how you feel about polling is to ask you honestly - like we did. It's clear we should test the polls more for consistency and device-performance. We ought to explain why we're asking for pieces of info. We should explain why we're asking a few of the questions we are asking. We ought to allow you to determine you'd like to be contacted in the future.

Among my complaints was about the pursuit section. It appeared to say that that quests have a binary design between narratives through cutscenes and lore and there's battle. I aim to both of these philosophies. I need oldschool quests to have the tone and design philosophy of classic quests. Not one of that rotting elf that is bloody corpses on a razed battlefield for instance, that's such an dramatic departure from the quests we'd on release of RuneScape game.

I prefer difficulty solving. Much more and different tone than the sorts of production HBO show quests we have been getting. Fishfood to kill piranhas at a fountain to get a 18, like having a jar of toxin. I was disappointed as it had a reception that was more positive than anything that foraging wasn't on the skills list a player has suggested yet.

Thanks Sween, I truly wish we could see Jagex at least poll the yield of Player Designed Content. Roof Ability and MLM stand as hallmarks of all OSRS, and I'm sad that we've moved away from allowing the community donate on such a level. It was rewarding and really special for us. A concern of mine is that the data from lots of the questions will be irrelevant buy RS3 gold, specifically those about Jagex's direction. Many people will confuse"Jagex" with"OSRS dev team" and respond accordingly. A lot of people vote and will not make that assumption.