How to Travel with a Hairstyle that is Not Your Own

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One of your older wigs should be brought along as a backup in case something happens to the one you brought, such as it getting lost or being damaged

One of your older wigs should be brought along as a backup in case something happens to the one you brought, such as it getting lost or being damaged. Having a backup will give you that extra bit of peace of mind. If it's an older wig that you don't wear very often, you won't feel bad about leaving it in your suitcase! In addition, if you're going somewhere extremely hot or extremely cold, you can wear your older wig under hats and caps to keep cool. By doing so, you avoid the possibility of damaging the lace or hair fiber on your favorite everyday wig!

Bring Your Own Merchandise

If you are traveling with several wigs, make sure they are all packed safely in their retail boxes. Depending on where you are traveling, it may be standard practice for border officers to search through your belongings. A hasty suitcase search curly lace wigs will not cause any damage to your wigs if they are safely stored in their box.

Packing your wigs properly is essential.

It is recommended that you bring your own travel-sized shampoos and wig care products. I have no idea what's in those hotel sample shampoos, or how my wig fibers will react to them if I use them. I always bring my own tried-and-true products because I know they're excellent! Also, keep a wide tooth comb on hand for quick detangling and keeping your wig in good shape throughout the day.


Bring a Plan B in case things go wrong.

When traveling through airports, wear a wig that is short or mid-length. I've been doing this to avoid the friction of a wig against the plane's seat if I'm going to be sitting (or napping) for long periods of time on a plane. When I have to take my carry-on bag on and off at the airport security checkpoints and boarding processes, the straps of my wig will not become entangled.

Do Not Read the Length

Sayde, our Education Ambassador, travels a lot for her job as a photographer. When it comes to traveling while sporting alternative cheap curly wigs, she's something of an expert! In order for you to enjoy your Summer vacation with all of the style and none of the headaches, we asked her to share her best tips and tricks with us!

Wavy synthetic wigs are fantastic for anyone who wants a great style without having to put in a lot of effort. Synthetic wigs, as opposed to human hair wigs, do not require heat styling because their curl pattern is already set. Even after washing your wig, those beautiful waves will remain!

Even so, wavy wigs require some basic maintenance and styling to maintain their appearance. Continue reading to find out how to keep your curls looking as fresh as the day you first wore them!

How to Wash Dry Your Clothes

1. Before washing your hair or while it is still dry, use your wide tooth comb to gently remove all tangles.
2. Launder with Fiber Love Shampoo under cool running water and rinse thoroughly.
3. Blot excess moisture from your wig with a towel.
4. Use your wide-tooth comb to detangle the tangles once more.
5. Spray with Fiber Love Conditioning Spray, being careful not to get it on the base materials.
6. Place your wig on a plastic wig stand cheap curly hair weaves to keep it in place.
7. Gently twist the strands around your finger to reform the curls with your fingers.
In order to keep curls from falling out of the wig and from becoming too loose, wrap it in the netting that comes with it. This will prevent them from "falling" or "loosening" during the process.
9. Allow your wig to air dry completely.